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Table tennis might appear to merely be a smaller version of lawn tennis, but this highly-skilled, lightning fast game is hugely popular across the world. And table tennis betting is every bit as exciting and dynamic as the sport itself.

An Olympic sport since 1988, table tennis has been thrilling fans across the world for decades. Played in singles, doubles and team formats, the fast-paced nature of table tennis means every match is worth tuning into. And thanks to our table tennis betting markets and table tennis odds, you can get closer to the action than ever before.  

Table tennis is of course played on a table, which is divided in half by a net. Players must clear the net with each of their shots without the ball bouncing on their side (aside from the serve). Players must also allow the ball to bounce on their side before returning an opponent’s shot. When a player fails to successfully return their opponent’s shot, a point is scored.  

A table tennis match is played over the best of either three or five games. The player who reaches 11 points first in each game, wins that game. Games must be won by a minimum two-point margin.

Table tennis betting is available for men’s and women’s competitions, across singles, doubles and team formats. 

Table Tennis Odds 

Betway offers an interesting and varied array of table tennis odds, across major domestic  leagues and competitions, from Liga Pro Moscow and the Setka Cup to international events such as the Olympic Games and World Championships. The key to a good experience in table tennis betting is understanding the different types of table tennis markets available. 

Match Winner

A match winner market is an easy and basic introduction to table tennis betting. Simply pick which one of two players who will think will win the overall match. Or if there is a team event, pick which one of the two competing teams will win the match. 

Game Winner

The game winner market follows the same principal as the match winner market ,except it is focused on specific games within the overall match. For example, you can back Player A or Player B to win game 3. The results of other games, or indeed the  result of the overall match, does not impact your bet. 

Total Points Per Game

The total points per game market enables you to guess whether there will be over or under a specified number of points, in a specific game. For example, if two players are closely matched and players need to win by two clear points to win a match, you might pick over twenty points. If however, there are two players who aren’t very closely matched i.e. one is far superior to the other, you might bet that there’ll  be fewer than twenty points.

Handicap Line Per Game

This table tennis betting market allows you to bet on the number of points a game will be won by. The maximum number of points a game can be won by is 11, while the minimum is two. 

Race to Three, Five and Seven Points Per Game

These markets will allow you to back either Player A or Player B to be the first to score three, five and seven points in a specific game.

Table Tennis Betting Tips 

The Betway Insider blog (link) offers a wealth of advice on table tennis betting. And there are a couple of basic principles we can outline here. 

Style of Play 

The individual strategies and play styles of different table tennis players often impacts the result. For example, some players excel against left-handers, while others struggle. This means that a player who is lower than their opponent in the table tennis world rankings might be less likely to win an entire tournament than their competitor, but thanks to their playing style, might still stand a good chance of winning an individual match.


Underdogs can often pull off upsets against the better players in smaller tournaments, as the best table tennis players schedule themselves to peak at the major tournaments. Keeping an eye on table tennis form can therefore be an indicator of how seriously a particular player is taking each tournament they play in. 

Why Bet with Betway? 

At Betway, we know that table tennis betting is about more than just who wins the biggest tournaments. And while we always offer table tennis odds on major competitions like the Olympics and the World Championships, we also offer a varied range of table tennis markets for old favourites like the Asian Championships, African Championships and European Championships. 

And thanks to our ultra-fast, cutting edge Betway Sports App, you can stay in touch with the markets wherever and whenever you want to.  

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No matter what your favourite sports betting markets are, Betway is at your service. 

From specialist sports like darts, snooker, volleyball and esports competitions to world renowned events in football, tennis, MMA, boxing and basketball, we’re here with the best odds and markets for you to take advantage of. 

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